Enjoy our classic formula body butter with Lavender & Anise 8 0z Packed with Dead Sea minerals, this deeply hydrating, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to sooth even the most severe dry skin conditions and restore the skin moisture barrier.

Mineral-rich shea butter psoriasis cream relief: penetrate, hydrate, soothe, and remove. This natural cream is formulated to help with the symptoms that come from psoriasis and eczema.


Get Babied Dead Sea Mineral and Shea Body Butter

Lavender and  Fennel

Slather your skin in the 35 minerals and trace elements of the Dead Sea with this all-natural formula rich in olive oil, shea butter, and fruit seed oils infused with grapefruit and bergamot.

Unlike most moisturizers sold in the U.S., Mindful Mineral’s Get Babied Body Butter does not contain petrochemicals that block your skin from breathing and literally trap toxins from leaving the body. “Get Babied” is free of all petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, phthalates, and parabens. The Dead Sea minerals deeply penetrate the skin, repair the skin moisture balance, and may assist in allowing toxins to freely be released through the skin –literally allowing your skin to breath!


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