Get Babied Dead sea olive oil soap bar is all vegan, sodium laurel sulfate free, and is an ideal face and body bar suitable for the entire family.  Especially great for dry skin conditions and for sensitive skin– beyond hypoallergenic, this is the safest and most gentle product to care for this skin.

100% All Natural Dead Sea Minerals  *No Parabens * No Phthalates * No Artificial Additives * Never tested on Animals

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“Just Get Babied”  Dead Sea olive oil soap bar is presented fragrance free and infused with olive oil containing Dead Sea minerals and salt for an excellent toning soap. This all natural soap is gentle enough to use on daily and an excellent soap for baby.

An innovative and exclusive natural hypo-allergenic treatment, Mindful Olive Oil Soap has been developed especially for the needs of the skin which provides a gentle yet nourishing cleansing treatment. The soap is contains virgin olive oil harvested from Mount Olive in the Holy Land, a blend of olive oil and Dead Sea minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sulfur, sodium and more.

This soap is a natural, drug-free alternative treatment for Eczema, Psoriasis or Acne and a natural cure for Cradle Cap. It provides maximum moisture and natural anti-aging to the face and body. In order to obtain the optical cleaning and nourishing effects, the soaps should be gently massaged and left for one minute in order to allow the ingredients to permeate the skin.

Our mineral-rich Jordan Harvested Dead Sea Salt soap  is gentle enough to use daily and is a very healthy and popular alternative to regular soaps which leave your skin dry and flaky. The natural balance of your skin will be restored and your skin will have that healthy glow.


Sodium Palmate (Saponified Palm Oil), Sodium Palm Kernelate (Saponified Palm Kernel Oil), Water (Aqua),  Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil,Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin).

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